Radio Australia is managed by Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Ltd. The radio airs programs in English, Tok Pisin & French languages. The broadcasters decided to off-air programs that run on shortwave radio. The Radio Australia has seen the industry changing from over a period. Thus, they keep introducing new show on the air. After curtailing the services on shortwave, the Radio Australia continues broadcasting shows online & DAB+ technology. This Island country is home to different cultures. Thus music requirements are huge. The company caters to every age group & taste.

Audience Reach

Radio Australia has a vast reach as it can be heard out of Australia also. People living in Canada, Europe & Asia-pacific region are also covered under the frequency. To serve such a big number of the population, the broadcasters play rock, electronic, hip-hop and hardcore music. Apart from dance numbers, various radio stations play metal and folk music of the country. Australian Broadcasting Corporation has collaborated with the several agencies to run different frequencies across the country.

Technology that touches life.

Technology has made a great impact on our everyday life. And Radio Australia is not untouched by this revolution. To match steps with the world, the broadcasters have launched services on the internet. Now, listeners do not require radio to listen to their favorite song. Simply, log on to the website of Radio Australia & forget the world.
The Radio Australia has served people to their best of the ability, but inventions & development in technology has made its survival tough. With the establishment of various other radio services, the broadcasters have felt the need of change in content. Today, Radio Australia is leading the radio industry because of the new formats & content they have introduced. Now, the programs going on-air are of every genre. From film industry to news, sports, fashion, cultural extravaganza & much more.
  • Listener’s participation
  • Organising Quiz
  • Feast
  • Music Concert & etc
1 702 ABC Sydney Sydney 48 kbps 64 kbps News
2 1233 ABC Newcastle Newcastle 48 kbps 64 kbps News
3 105.7 ABC Darwin Darwin 48 kbps 64 kbps News
4 Wow FM Penrith 64 kbps Community
5 612 ABC Brisbane Brisbane 48 kbps 64 kbps News/Local programs
6 4CRB Gold Coast 24 kbps Community Radio

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