Job & business opportunities have made the country a living destination for people. Foreign nationals often search for their regional music, but it is a difficult task. So, the ABC [Australian Broadcasting Community] has decided to give license to air radio frequency to serve the foreign national. Here is a list of radios that operates in any other language except English. Italian Radio airs on – 1053 kHz Rete Italia Chinese Radio airs on – 1656 kHz VAC Radio Indian Radio airs on – 1701 kHz Radio Brisvaani Online foreign language radio can be heard at : Other than Hindi language, you can also hear music in Urdu & Jewish language. Various professionals residing in Australia from different caste & religion have started off their community radio service at connects people together. – This is a Punjabi language based radio that airs romantic, sad soulful & dance numbers from various artists. The frequency can be heard in different states across Australia. This radio is getting popular very frequently. Not, only the Indian community, but people of various Asian communities are enjoying this frequency. – Indian radio play songs &news in the Hindi language. It also holds the rights to air classical & Punjabi music along with Bollywood pop music. There is a huge population of Indians residing in the country. These people also advertise events & cultural get-together they hold. – This frequency also airs music in Hindi language. The radio jockeys interact in both English as well as in the Hindi language. Those suffering from home sickness get At-home feeling as they listen to their language. – This is an Urdu language radio that air ghazal, soft music & shayari programs for their viewers. The readers also take active part in requesting for a song, or a dedication & message to someone through this medium. The name itself speaks of the public, as citizens are referred as Quam in Urdu language. radio frequency airs songs by various Jewish artists. The frequency can be heard in few states of Australia. The owner of this frequency is a Jewish person itself. Those having fluent knowledge of Jewish language are only employed in this radio.

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